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We offer a multidisciplinary career in tax and law.

Your work can be done completely online, without being tied to a branch office. This means you can work 100% from your home office. Internal meetings take place via video conference. Travel depends on the needs of the client.

In the process, you will get to know a broad portfolio of clients and tasks.

For young professionals:

In the area of taxes and accounting, you will be introduced to national and international issues. Your area of responsibility will be diverse. You will gain experience in accounting and preparing annual financial statements for corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships and even investment funds. Likewise, you will deal with the assessment of natural persons.

With an exclusively legal background, they are comprehensively trained in corporate law, financial law and tax law.

For experienced professionals:

As Kleutgens Advisors is an entity under construction, we can offer positions at all levels.

You are
• double-qualified lawyer and tax advisor, already have several years of consulting experience and are looking for a partner position in the short term (with own client portfolio) or in the long term (building up own client portfolio).
• Tax consultant with many years of professional experience and the career goal of a partner position;
• Lawyer with professional experience with theoretical foundations in tax law and would like to pursue a career in tax law;
• Lawyer with professional experience and a desire for the partner track in the field of corporate and investment law
• Tax consultant with professional experience, acquisition skills and aspire to a partner position.
• Tax specialist with professional experience and looking for a managerial position in the field of tax consultancy with the possibility of qualifying as a tax consultant
• Tax clerk with professional experience and sound knowledge of DATEV accounting;

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