Investments & Funds

One focus of our advisory work is bringing together capital and companies. We thus serve the private equity and venture capital segments.

We make use of the entire range of investment products available. These range from domestic and foreign investment funds to mezzanine structures and debt structuring. In doing so, the needs of the target company and the investors are brought into harmony.

Our advisory services in the area of investment funds range from the structuring of the investment fund, the documentation and the support of the investment fund after its establishment. In particular, the support of the investment funds in its operational phase is an important component of our advisory services.


The tax needs of investors play a prominent role in the structuring of investment funds. Here, we can draw on a wide range of domestic and foreign investment structures.

The focus is on the assessment from the perspective of German investment tax law. Our experience in the area of international tax law enables us to set up cross-border investment structures in a tax-optimised manner.

As a full-service advisor, we support the investment vehicle in the areas of accounting, ongoing tax advice and the determination of distribution amounts.

Regulatory/Tax Law

Regulatory advice includes the registration of the investment funds, ongoing communication with the domestic and, where applicable, foreign regulatory authorities.

Our services include:

  • regulatory aspects of fund structuring and launching:
  • Preparation of fund documentation for real estate funds, private equity funds, debt funds, and for other domestic AIFs
  • Structuring and launching individual investment structures for institutional investors (managed accounts/club deals)
  • Investor advisory services: due diligence of the investment fund, exploration of investment opportunities, negotiations with co-investors and the fund management,
  • Investment fund accounting for closed-end special AIFs and AIFMs
  • Distribution calculation

We also offer these services abroad, for example in Luxembourg. Here we use a dense network of cooperation law firms.

Contract Drafting

When setting up an investment fund or an investment structure, the interests of many parties must be balanced. This concerns not only the classic investment triangle consisting of the investment company itself, the management company and, if applicable, the depositary. Above all, the investors must be considered with regard to their return expectations and the stability of liquidity flows. If necessary, risk classes must be formed within the investors, since investors who take a risk early on have higher return expectations than investors who enter later, when the project has already been successfully placed on the market.

In addition, there are a large number of other participants who support the investment company or the fund management company as service providers.