With our focus on corporate law, investment law, commercial law and general civil law as well as our main business area of tax law, we do not cover all areas of law that are relevant to our advisory product.

We therefore make use of partner law firms of which we are professionally convinced and with whom we maintain a cooperative relationship that enables us to provide advice from a single source. This network includes the following areas of advice:
• Real estate law and real estate transaction law
• Public law
• Trademark law
• Criminal law

In the European and non-European area, we have built up a network of qualified advisors consisting of law firms and tax consulting companies that we have known for many years.

Due to our specialisation in investment tax law and investment law, the advisory market in Luxembourg is of particular importance to us. Here we work together with various providers. In Luxembourg, we differentiate between fund structuring, ongoing tax advice and corporate law advice when selecting advisors.