Tax consultancy

One of our strengths is that we combine ongoing tax advice and structuring advice from a legal and tax perspective. The distortion of the annual financial statement is just as important to us as the ongoing control of the tax mandates.

Our services in the field of tax consultancy:

  • Preparation of tax returns and electronic sending to your tax office
  • Preparation of the annual financial statements and electronic sending of the e-balance sheet to your tax office
  • We prepare your annual financial statements in accordance with commercial and tax law regulations with balance sheet, income statement and notes
  • Review of your tax assessment notices and filing of appeals
  • We prepare all corporate tax returns for you, such as VAT, trade tax and corporate tax returns, as well as separate and uniform declarations of assessment.
  • Digital accounting with your tax portal DATEV Unternehmen Online


Our services in the field of internal and external accounting include not only the preparation of financial and operational accounting, but also important control tasks as well as planning and steering tasks.

We use modern IT technology that enables us to transfer the client’s accounting into our systems without media breaks, so that a reliable and timely picture of the company’s financial and asset situation is created for decision-makers in the company and its owners.

Tax declarations

Our services in the field of tax consultancy relate to the preparation of corporation and trade tax returns for corporations, and income tax returns in connection with individuals and partnerships.

Our network with foreign advisors enables us to prepare tax returns also in the cross-border area.

Partnerships and corporations are often staggered over several levels, so that tax consolidation effects such as fiscal unity must be taken into account in the case of corporations.

In the case of partnerships, the special tax relationship between the partner and the partnership plays an important role, so that special and supplementary balance sheets have to be formed. We provide these services in accordance with increasingly dynamic tax legislation. The prerequisite for this is the use of state-of-the-art IT systems in order to meet our clients’ requirements for transparency and timely tax reporting.

Whether the tax assessment notices issued in accordance with the declaration are actually upheld becomes apparent in the tax audit or external audit, in which we actively accompany our clients in order to conclude the tax case to the satisfaction of our clients as far as possible.